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Science & Spirit, Together

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We Need Both Science & Spirit

We don’t have to choose between science or spirit. To be balanced, we and our world need both. Science and spirit work together to help individuals to connect with their self and with their families and communities, and to grow in unison … Continue reading

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Get Rid Of or Reduce that Gritty, Congested Feeling in One Minute

Take one minute to run some energy through your body and through your entire being to get rid of or reduce that congested, gritty, lumpy, dirty feeling. After eating some Easter chocolate during the past couple of days, my body was feeling a little “gritty” and … Continue reading

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Our Healing Mirrors the Evolution of Star Clusters

The titanic evolution of star clusters — from their birth to their slow dispersion in space — seems to mirror the process of healing on the much, much smaller, human scale. The more research I do, the more convinced I am that our universe and, most … Continue reading

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