Connect with Everything in the Universe

Here is a quick, simple technique to connect with everything in the universe.

Dark Matter Distribution in the Universe

Simulations have shown that the distribution of dark matter in the universe might resemble a nervous system.milleniumproject darkmatterdistribution

The Millenium Simulation Project at the Max Plank Institute for Astrophysics carried out the largest simulation thus far of the dark matter distribution in the universe. The movie below of that dark matter distribution zooms in on a massive cluster of galaxies.

The movie starts at a distance of 1 Gpc (gigaparsec) from the cluster of galaxies. One parsec is approximately 3.26 light-years. One gigaparsec, one of the largest units of length used, is one billion parsecs so that would be approximately 3,260,000,000 light-years away. One light-year is about 9.5 trillion kilometers… In other words, a frickin long distance that is simply incomprehensible.

The camera eventually zooms in to a much easier to grasp (it’s all relative) 3.9 Mpc (megaparsecs) from the cluster of galaxies. One megaparsec is one million parsecs or a mere 3,260,000 light-years away.

However, the important thing about this simulation is not the impressive distance it covers but what it discovered about our universe: the dark matter distribution looks uncannily like our nervous system.

Connect with Everything in the Universe

The fact that the distribution of dark matter might resemble our nervous system makes it easier for us to connect with everything in our universe.

ConnectWithUniverse Feb2016

1. Visualize a nervous-system like universe in all directions above you as well as within you. You are part of that system. Say silently: “I am strongly connected to everything above me.

2. Visualize a nervous-system like universe in all directions below you and within you. Say silently: “I am strongly connected to everything below me.” Take a few seconds to feel that system within you and around you.

3. Visualize a white, straight, horizontal line between everything above and everything below you. Wait a few seconds until the energy or noise subsides to a quiet calm and seems balanced. Say silently: “I am connected and balanced.

If you like, imagine gold or white light running through that nervous system all around you and within you, nourishing you and cleansing you.

Repeat often. Once you have practiced this technique a few times, you will be able to connect with everything in the universe in seconds. You will be able to connect anytime, anywhere, when you need it.

This technique is Small Scale, Daily Healing at its finest: connecting to the largest structure, the universe, in a few teeny seconds. Take that, gigaparsec!

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