We Need Both Science & Spirit

We don’t have to choose between science or spirit. To be balanced, we and our world need both.

Science and spirit work together to help individuals to connect with their self and with their families and communities, and to grow in unison with their world as part of a larger unit. Both science and spirit help us to survive, to thrive and to stay healthy in all layers of our being.

Disclaimer: I do not belong to any religion or to any science. However, I am spiritual and I have an avid interest in science. From my perspective, boundaries imposed by either religion or science are incomprehensible because our knowledge and understanding about the universe and about our self continue to evolve. Evidence is definitely important but let’s not automatically discount possibility.

Definition of Spirit

The definition of spirit will differ depending on who is providing it. My definition for spirit is very general: spirit is the non-physical aspect of all matter, including our body.

spirit_is_informationSpirit contains everything about its matter. Our spirit encompasses everything about our person: our experiences, our thoughts, our feelings, our actions, our responses, our creations, our dreams, our fears, our strengths.

The same can be said about animals, insects, plants, rocks, water and all other matter around us. Even though they may not all have thoughts, feelings, dreams, etc., all organic and inorganic matter interacts with its environment in some way; all matter has experiences and interactions of some kind.

All of matter’s information is recorded in its spirit. Science has yet to discover the constitution of spirit and how it might record and store its information, but I offer some hypotheses in previous posts: 

All matter in the universe and spirit are made from information stored as 0’s and 1’s (Do 0’s and 1’s in the universe give rise to our person?)

Information might be stored in our person and in the world around us by the spin of particles (Can spintronics explain physiological information storage?)

Healing using Science & Spirit

At Continual Threshold, our self-directed healing approach blends both science and spirit using ancient knowledge and the latest research. The more research I do into comparative mythology, religion, physics, astrophysics and particle theory, the more evidence accumulates that demonstrates the similarities between scientific and spiritual knowledge.

Axis Mundi: Death - Transformation - Life
The axis mundi is a vertical line that connects what’s above with what’s below. Movement up and down the line is mediated in the middle by a place of transformation and creation.

At the root of all knowledge, I keep finding the axis mundi. The axis mundi, the foundation of my self-directed healing approach, hails from both science and spirit.

The Axis Mundi & Spirit

The axis mundi, Latin for world axis, is an ancient spiritual concept found in many cultures around the world throughout thousands of years. The world axis is a vertical line that connects everything above with everything below, for instance in a person, a part of a person (like an organ or a chakra), a tree or a mountain. 

The middle of the axis mundi symbolizes a place of creation and transformation. It is the bridge that links everything above with everything below.

Major chakras


In a person as a whole, the middle or place of creation is the heart because it is in the middle of the major chakras. The core or reproductive centre  can also be viewed as a place of creation because it is found in the middle of the body.



man side view with chakra axis mundiIn addition, each chakra in our body, each organ, each bodily system, each cell, each particle, and every other part of us also has an axis mundi and its middle is a place of creation.

Our body and being contain layers upon layers of axis mundi with places of creation. We continually create our person with movement up and down the billions of axis mundi in our body and being. This up and down movement results in billions of micro and macro moments of death and life (or negative and positive, or up and down, or yin and yang, or release and growth) that are necessary to more movement, more transformation and more creation. 

AxisMundi Simplest


The axis mundi with its centre of creation is at the heart of all matter.


The Axis Mundi & Science

The axis mundi is also found all around us in the physical world. It is at the heart of all matter.

spintronics electron spin




An electric current, particles, the Earth, our sun, black holes, all have an axis mundi with a centre of creation in their middle. With movement up and down their axis mundi—through a current or spin—they create, release and create anew.

Science & Spirit in Small Scale, Daily Healing

When an electrical current flows unobstructed through a wire, it produces a stronger magnetic field than when it meets with resistance. Similarly, when you have unobstructed, flowing movement throughout your vertical axis mundi, you exude strong creative energies: you are able to create the person you want to be and the world in which you want to live.

To obtain free-flowing movement up and down your axis mundi, strengthen your connection with your body and being and with the world around you.

Axis Mundi PersonThe three self-directed, healing strategies in Small Scale, Daily Healing are designed to do just that: they strengthen your connection with your self and with the world around you in all time and in all space, and in no time and in no space.

When you become strongly connected and you experience less resistance to movement, you become more grounded, more resilient and more confident. You become more balanced at all levels and it becomes easier to maintain an open heart.

And when you have an open heart, boundaries are non-existent.

About Brenda Piquette | Continual Threshold

At Continual Threshold, we offer quick and easy, compassionate, self-directed healing tools that you can adapt for your needs and integrate into your daily life to heal and to grow as a person.
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