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When Pain’s Too Much to Bear, Love Heals

Sounds like a sappy love song, doesn’t it? It is indeed from a song—“Love Heals” from the soundtrack for RENT—but it may not be as sappy as it sounds. Evidence supports the notion that positive and negative emotions alter the … Continue reading

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Happiness Spreads Like Infectious Disease

Long-term happiness spreads like an infectious disease, say researchers at Harvard and MIT. The good news is that your happy acquaintances increase your chances of being content with your life by 11 percent. The bad news is that sadness is … Continue reading

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The Earth’s Energy Field

On March 19th, NASA celebrated Sun-Earth Day (see http://sunearthday.nasa.gov/2011/index.php for more information). In honour of Sun-Earth Day, I decided to look into how the Earth’s energy field—the magnetosphere—is impacted by outside influences such as the Sun. In the process, I … Continue reading

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