Chakras, People & Multiverse Share Same Structure

Attention: Mind and universe blowing subject matter. Physicists suspect that when the Big Bang created our universe 14 billion years ago, it may also have birthed an inverse, mirror universe where time moves backwards, not forwards. When we examine this scientific proposition, we discover a shared structure between chakras, people and the multiverse.

Two separate teams of physicists have proposed that the Big Bang might have created, not only our universe but also a second, inverse universe where time moves backwards instead of forwards. Time in that mirror universe would move from the future to the past – which can be hard for us in the past-to-future universe to grasp.

Structure of the Observable Universe

Evolution of Universe

Credit: NASA/WMAP Science Team

The image on the left shows a diagram of our current understanding of the evolution of the observable universe from the Big Bang on the left to today on the right.

Time in our universe moves, in this image, from left – the beginning of the Big Bang – to the right.Big Bang, Universe & entropy

Physicists were studying entropy to help them to determine the direction in which time flows. I won’t get into all the nitty gritty about entropy or this experiment (about which you can read in the Science Alert article listed under Sources); let’s just say that their experiment with particles looked like the image on the right.

What they found was that, right after the Big Bang, matter and trapped energy were probably still clustered together (low entropy or less disorder). As time passed or moved forward, matter and energy spread out increasing entropy (greater disorder).

Our universe with potential inverse universeWhat physicists are proposing is that, when our universe was created during the Big Bang, another, identical universe sprouted on the other side of ours. However, in this universe, time moves in the other direction, from the future to the past, at least from our perspective.

Structure & Function of the ChakrasSide view of major chakras

On the right is a side view of our seven major chakras from the Root to the Crown. The structure of a major chakra or energy centre is very similar to that of the two universes above: a funnel-like shape on either side of a smaller, central region.

Our chakras are energy/information sensors and processors. Each chakra is responsible for sensing, receiving, processing and sharing different types of information.

The Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat and Brow chakras all have a front and a back funnel-shaped part.

The front funnel of our chakras connects us to our physical world. They sense and receive all of the energy/information from the world around us, process that information then distribute it within us.

The front chakras also take all of the energy/information within us and send it out into the world.

On the other hand, the back part of our chakras focuses on our will and reason. They work to make things happen for us. They are the source of our potential, our creative energy. Some may call this our spiritual aspect or our consciousness.

The front and back parts of the chakras are similar to renown physicist David Bohm’s explicate and implicate universes:

  • Explicate universe (like the front chakra) – All of the objects and appearances in our physical world
  • Implicate universe (like the back chakra) – The vast, underlying, deeper order of existence, the potential, that gives birth to all things in our physical world

The centre of each chakra is a point of creation and transformation; it is a bridge that connects the two sides. The centre of each chakra, located on our spine for all but the crown chakra, is a hub that connects the chakras and facilitates the flow of energy/information between the chakras. When energy flows freely, the middle of the chakra is a place of creation and transformation—like a hub that brings different people together to network and to come up with fresh, new ideas.

The middle of the chakra where creation/transformation occurs compares to the action that allows Bohm’s enfoldings and unfoldings. Bohm understood that the enfoldings to the implicate (or potential, spiritual or consciousness) and the unfoldings to the explicate (or physical) were the result of countless transformations between the two aspects.

So… what does all that have to do with entropy and time?

When we look at the image above of entropy in the evolution of two inverse universes, we notice how the movement of energy/matter over time in the universe might mirror the movement of energy/information in a chakra.

Chakra with entropyEnergy/information in a chakra (see image on left) may converge in the middle section, the hub or bridge—the area of creation/transformation—before being pushed into either the back or the front chakra.

When it is moving from the middle through the front chakra (that works with the physical world), energy/information moves from the past to the present, towards the future.

When it is moving from the middle to the back chakra (that works with potential, consciousness or the spiritual), energy/information moves from the future to the present, towards the past. Time might flow backwards here because potential is always in the past; when potential is anything other than potential, it has transformed and can only be found in the future.

Hypothetical Structure for Multiverse

Similar to chakras that have a front, funnel-shaped area focused on the physical/explicit, could our universe be the physical/explicit aspect of two inverse universes? If a mirror universe exists, does it represent the back of the chakra, the implicit level of existence, the potential from which our own universe draws?

Do these two mirror universes complement each other with countless, continuous enfoldings and unfoldings between the two, from the potential/spiritual/consciousness to the physical, and vice versa? Perhaps energy/information is never lost because it is continually looped between these two inverse universes.

The Big Bang would have occurred in the space between the two universes. This middle would have been the initial place of creation and may continue to be the place of ongoing transformations between the two universes.

Micro and Macro Mirror Reflections

If we look at the image of the major chakras above, the red root chakra at the bottom is the inverse of the violet crown chakra at the top. The root represents the most basic of our physical needs and the crown symbolizes our highest spiritual needs. The heart is the bridge in the middle of all of the chakras, and a centre of creation and transformation for our person.

In other words:

  • Each of our chakras represents the explicit/physical (front funnel), the implicit/potential (back funnel) and the transformation (middle of the funnels).
  • Each person as a whole represents the explicit/physical (root chakra), the implicit/potential (crown chakra) and the transformation (heart chakra).
  • Our multiverse may represent the explicit/physical (our universe), the implicit/potential (our twin, inverse universe, if it exists) and the transformation (the Big Bang)flow of energy or information through a chakra, person or multiverse

The structure of our body and being, of our universe and of our multiverse may be but mirrors of each other. I am continually fascinated with how much I learn by exploring and by comparing their structures, roles and functions.


Science Alert online. Scientists propose a ‘mirror universe’ where time moves backwards, BEC Crew. Published Jan 26, 2016. Viewed May 22, 2016.

Brennan, Barbara. Hands of Light. Bantam Books: New York. 1988. Pages 72-73 (front and back of major chakras).

Talbot, Michael. The Holographic Universe. Harper Perennial: New York. 1992. Pages 46-47 (David Bohm’s implicit and explicit universes).


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Enhance Perceptions, Not Height

Instead of “height enhancement” surgery to make people taller, we should enhance our personal and societal perceptions around body image, presence, beauty and success.

An orthopaedic surgeon in Delhi, India routinely makes people taller. The surgery is called “cosmetic height enhancement.” He told  Brent Bambury on the CBC radio program, Day 6, that it’s a “life-changing procedure” that he only performs on people with low self-esteem and that much of it has to do with societal pressure in some parts of India.

As a short person who has worked hard to overcome low self-esteem and to develop a compassionate relationship with her BFF (Body Friend Forever), I have to wonder if maybe our personal and societal perceptions are the ones needing an enhancement.

Programmed to Love Talltall-and-short-cartoon

Research has suggested that the taller you are, the more chances you have of being rich and successful. Models, actors, athletes, corporate, social and political leaders–we are more awed by them and more willing to listen to them and to follow them when they are tall.

Tall can even outdo the weight card on which many still focus. “Oh, it’s okay if she’s heavy, she can carry it. Look at her stunning, long legs.”

It comes down to this: we might be programmed to have confidence in tall people. Our confidence in the taller of our species may be evolutionary. In many animal species, the bigger you are, the higher your social rank. One theory is that, evolutionarily, man may have valued the greater protection and resources offered by taller humans. Interestingly, anthropologists have discovered a clear association between greater height and political control with ancient Greeks and Mayans.

Enhance Perceptions, Not Height

So now it’s our job, each one of us, to deprogram: we have to enhance our perceptions, not our height. We have to learn to love our BFF–Body Friend Forever–no matter if it’s short, tall, skinny, fat, wide or narrow.

Only by developing a consistently loving relationship with our own body will we be able to deprogram ourselves and, in turn, help to deprogram societal perceptions around the need for a certain physical body type.

The key word here is “consistently.” It’s easy to say “I love my body and I don’t care what people look like” but it’s much harder to change what may be a few hundred thousand years of evolution. To do that, we have to learn how to harness our thoughts when they stray–which can be many times a week or even a day.

Small Scale Daily Healing – Self-Directed Healing Strategy #2: Build a Strong Relationship with Your BFF (Body Friend Forever)

  • Start by becoming aware of your thoughts and words about your body and that of others. Pay attention to your immediate reactions to the people you see, the comments you read and hear, and how you feel when you look at your body.
  • Consciously change your thoughts and words as they appear. When you catch yourself thinking, “Will people take him seriously if he’s as small as a kid” or “That woman looks like a giraffe,” try to change your thought: “Do I really care how short he is? How is he as a leader?” or “It’s not always easy to be tall.”

Facebook LoveYourBody Nov27 2014

  • Treat your body like your BFF (Body Friend Forever). Unless you get a body transplant, you and your body will be together for the rest of your life. So treat your body like you would your best friend: talk with it, love it, thank it for everything it does for you, laugh with it, apologize when you hurt it.
  • Infuse your BFF with loving, compassionate energy on a regular basis. Take a deep breath. As you exhale, send the breath into your entire body as you say silently: “I love you, my body, unconditionally, as you are.” Open your heart and really feel the love you have for your body.

The longer you work at it, the more your thoughts will veer in all aspects of your life and the more your heart will open to a different set of perceptions. Soon you will be looking at more people in the world with a non-judgmental, respectful and compassionate gaze.

A few years ago, I might have read about height enhancement surgery and thought, “Wow, I’d love longer legs.” Today, I’m good with my short, physical stature and I value my large presence. No height enhancement surgery for my short legs, thanks.

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Solution to Terrorism Lies Within Each of Us

Guns and bombs will not win any war with terrorism because terrorism is not kept in one geographical place. The potential for terrorism – and its solution – is found all around us… within each of us.

A solution to terrorism is to aim within.

A solution to terrorism is to aim within.

It’s up to each one of us to choose whether we want to fuel terrorism or deflate it. Our own healing and personal growth are crucial factors to the solution to terrorism.

An important part of self-directed healing includes reflecting on our interactions with and our thoughts about others in the world around us. Why do we react the way we do? Why do they react the way they do? What guides our decisions?

These days, three subjects can create knee-jerk reactions in many of us: terrorism, Muslims and immigrants. I’ve been reading about the psychology of terrorists to expand my own understanding of this growing issue. Below is an excerpt from “Beyond Fear: The Psychology of Terrorism – Fueling Extremes” in Scientific American MIND (May/June 2016, p.34) written by two psychology professors:

 In particular, we are learning that radicalization does not happen in a vacuum but is driven in part by rifts among groups that extremists seek to create, exploit and exacerbate. If you can provoke enough non-Muslims to treat all Muslims with fear and hostility, then those Muslims who previously shunned conflict may begin to feel marginalized and heed the call of the more radical voices among them. Likewise, if you can provoke enough Muslims to treat all Westerners with hostility, then the majority in the West might also start to endorse more confrontational leadership. Although we often think of Islamic extremists and Islamophobes as being diametrically opposed, the two are inextricably intertwined. And this realization means that solutions to the scourge of terror will lie as much with “us” as with “them.”

Every person’s reactions and thoughts has an effect on terrorists and the radicalization process. Every you and every me.

When we fan the flames of mistrust, fear and hate with our thoughts and interactions with others, we help to grow terrorism and radicalization. The rifts we help to create between groups increases the marginalization felt by individuals within those groups.

When we refuse to succumb to fear and hostility and to, instead, embrace the humanity within each individual, no matter who they are, what religion they follow or from where they come, we help to diffuse terrorism and radicalization.

Take the time to reflect on your reactions and thoughts to terrorism, Muslims and immigrants. Ask yourself, “Why am I reacting this way? How does it serve me? How does it serve the people directly around me and those farther away?” Begin the process of exploration.

Guns and bombs will not win any war with terrorism because terrorism is not kept in one geographical place. The potential for terrorism is found all around us as well as within us. It’s up to each one of us to choose whether we want to fuel terrorism or deflate it.

Only our individual explorations with our inner beliefs and the discovery of our true voice will determine the outcome of each threat of terrorism.

Whether or not we want to play a part, our own healing and personal growth are crucial factors to the solution to terrorism.


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Calm Your Body & Reduce Stress

Take one minute every day to practice the Full Calm visualization below that calms all of your chakras. Regular practice of the Full Calm will:

  • Reduce stress that has already accumulated in your body and being.
  • Reduce the addition of more stress.
  • Help you to manage your emotions in the moment, when you need it.

Practicing regular calm in your body not only helps you to improve your interactions with others, it can also be beneficial to your long-term health.

CalmChakras smaller

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Connect with Everything in the Universe

Here is a quick, simple technique to connect with everything in the universe.

Dark Matter Distribution in the Universe

Simulations have shown that the distribution of dark matter in the universe might resemble a nervous system.milleniumproject darkmatterdistribution

The Millenium Simulation Project at the Max Plank Institute for Astrophysics carried out the largest simulation thus far of the dark matter distribution in the universe. The movie below of that dark matter distribution zooms in on a massive cluster of galaxies.

The movie starts at a distance of 1 Gpc (gigaparsec) from the cluster of galaxies. One parsec is approximately 3.26 light-years. One gigaparsec, one of the largest units of length used, is one billion parsecs so that would be approximately 3,260,000,000 light-years away. One light-year is about 9.5 trillion kilometers… In other words, a frickin long distance that is simply incomprehensible.

The camera eventually zooms in to a much easier to grasp (it’s all relative) 3.9 Mpc (megaparsecs) from the cluster of galaxies. One megaparsec is one million parsecs or a mere 3,260,000 light-years away.

However, the important thing about this simulation is not the impressive distance it covers but what it discovered about our universe: the dark matter distribution looks uncannily like our nervous system.

Connect with Everything in the Universe

The fact that the distribution of dark matter might resemble our nervous system makes it easier for us to connect with everything in our universe.

ConnectWithUniverse Feb2016

1. Visualize a nervous-system like universe in all directions above you as well as within you. You are part of that system. Say silently: “I am strongly connected to everything above me.

2. Visualize a nervous-system like universe in all directions below you and within you. Say silently: “I am strongly connected to everything below me.” Take a few seconds to feel that system within you and around you.

3. Visualize a white, straight, horizontal line between everything above and everything below you. Wait a few seconds until the energy or noise subsides to a quiet calm and seems balanced. Say silently: “I am connected and balanced.

If you like, imagine gold or white light running through that nervous system all around you and within you, nourishing you and cleansing you.

Repeat often. Once you have practiced this technique a few times, you will be able to connect with everything in the universe in seconds. You will be able to connect anytime, anywhere, when you need it.

This technique is Small Scale, Daily Healing at its finest: connecting to the largest structure, the universe, in a few teeny seconds. Take that, gigaparsec!

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Gravitational Waves Help Us Understand Our Ecosystem

Gravitational waves may seem distant and incomprehensible; why should we care about them? Let’s try to understand their importance to us in a more familiar way.

animalcellWe are inside the universe’s body. If star clusters are like the organs of the universe’s body, and stars and planets are like the cells, then maybe we are the ribosomes within each cell. We are important to the vital function of the body – where would our own body be without ribosomes’ protein production? But, as wee ribosomes, we are only focused on our own task and pretty oblivious to everything that is happening in the other parts of the body.

Then, two black holes in the body of the universe smack into each other and merge, rippling out an enormous bang of energy. Like a heart attack in our body. BANG! By the time the ripples from that bang reach our cell (Earth) and us teeny-weeny ribosomes, the bang of energy has degraded into a whisper.

4_gravitational_wavesDoes that mean that the energy of the merging of the two black holes is not important to us and has absolutely no effect on us? The energy reaching us from the merging of the two black holes a billion light-years away is very, very minuscule so our first response would be no, there is no effect on us. So why is it important?

Let’s look at it from the perspective of our body. More and more research is discovering that our thoughts, our feelings, our stress levels, our pain, our memories, our food and many other factors contribute to the health of our entire body, right down to our cells. With any ecosystem that is studied, we are discovering that the health of the entire ecosystem relies on the health of its parts – and vice versa, the health of an ecosystem’s parts relies on the health of the entire system. Everything that happens within the ecosystem affects the other parts in some way, however small.

When we experience major life events with bang-like pain or joy or illness, the ripple effect is felt throughout our body and our entire being. The ribosomes in our cells may not have the ability to understand what happened, or why they are producing slightly more proteins or fewer proteins or weaker or stronger proteins. All they know is that they have to function based on the instructions they have received that include that small ripple that has reached their cell.

Scientists’ ability to detect gravitational waves will help them to discover the cosmic event that created them and to understand that event. That would be like the ribosomes in one of our cells figuring out that a heart attack caused the small ripples that finally reached them and to learn more about heart attacks and other bodily phenomena by studying all of the ripples that reach their cell. Gravitational waves help us to understand our universal ecosystem.

Mochizuki interuniversalMaybe some day we’ll discover how major intra-universal events (within our universal body) affect Earth and us. Maybe we’ll even learn to detect and understand events that occur outside of our universe (inter-universal) and how their ripple of energy affects all of us inside… Yes, the concept of inter-universal events is mind-blowing and perhaps we are already on our way with some new mathematical horizons.

It’s too early at this stage in the game to state with certainty that these small ripples in space do or do not have any effect on us. But when we examine it from the perspective of micro/macro patterns or universe as body/ecosystem, we can see how everything around us has some kind of effect on us, no matter how microscopic or cosmically gigantuous.

Learn more about gravitational waves.


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Arthur C. Clarke Defines Impossible

Wise words from Arthur C. Clarke in his book Profiles of the Future (in Forward to the Millenium Edition):

“‘Impossible’ is an extremely dangerous word (…) I have tried to define its application by Three Laws (…):

1. When a distinguished but elderly scientist says that something is possible, (s)he is almost certainly right. When (s)he says it is impossible, (s)he is very probably wrong.

2. The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible.

3. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

yayoi_kusama infinity room

Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Room which took the artist seven years to create.


Photo of Infinity Room found at


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Gravity is Love. Love is Gravity.

Gravity is unconditional love. Unconditional love is gravity. They are a universal—and maybe even multi-universal—constant.


Sir Isaac Newton discovered the existence of an attractive force between two objects: gravity. He also discovered that this gravitational force between two objects could be measured using the mass of each object and the distance between the two objects. The result was a formula called Newton’s law that, today, is a foundation of physics:

F = Gm 1 m 2 / r 2

The bigger an object is, the more gravitational force it has. In addition, the closer two objects are, the stronger their gravitational force will be on each other.

earth_sun_gravity_orbitWith that formula, we can measure the gravitational force that the Sun has on the Earth. The Sun’s huge mass and close proximity produces a gravitational force strong enough to pull Earth and all of the other planets in the solar system towards it so that they orbit the star.

Even though the Sun’s gravity is many times stronger than Earth’s, people and animals are not flying out into space to orbit the sun because Earth is much closer to us than the Sun and our mass is puny compared to that of our home planet.

moon earth gravity tidesSimilarly, we can measure the gravitational pull the Moon and Earth have on each other. The Earth’s larger mass means that the Moon will orbit the Earth.

However, the Moon’s gravitational force does have an influence on Earth: it tugs at the tides in our oceans creating high and low tides.

Gravity is everywhere in our universe because there are objects spread throughout space. The gravity of suns pulls planets and, sometimes, smaller suns into their orbits. Entire galaxies exert a tremendous gravitational force that can attract smaller galaxies around them.

The largest objects in the universe, galaxy clusters, also have the largest mass; therefore, they exert the strongest gravitational force. Our home, the Milky Way galaxy, is part of a small cluster of galaxies called the Local Group. Our Local Group is part of a larger cluster of galaxies, the Virgo Cluster, which in turn is part of a much bigger supercluster that astronomers have recently named Laniakea, which means Immeasurable Heaven in Hawaiian.laniakea_homesupercluster

The Milky Way is the blue dot at the right edge of Laniakea in the image above. The white filaments indicate the motion of the galaxies towards the centre of the supercluster, the Great Attractor, the area where all the filaments intersect.

Here is a wonderful, short video about Laniakea and our place in it:

Unconditional Love

Like gravity, unconditional love is an attractive force that can be measured—although not with a mathematical formula, at least not yet.

force unconditional love heart personHave you ever noticed that people with big and open hearts attract a lot of people around them? The bigger their heart (like mass for gravity) and the more open it is (like distance for gravity), the greater their unconditional love and the more people will gravitate around them.

Some well-known people with big, open hearts who attract or attracted thousands and millions of people include Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Amma Mata Amritanandamayi and Buddha. Millions of everyday people are loving and compassionate and attract others; I can think of a few in my circle and I’m sure you can too.

When we talk about the size and the openness of a heart, we are not talking about its physiological characteristics. Rather, we can measure the ‘mass’ and ‘distance’ of a heart by its influence on the world around it.

For instance, how many people, animals, objects and places has that person positively touched and influenced? How many of those were heavily influenced, and on an ongoing basis or just once? How many were lightly influenced, and on an ongoing basis or just once? How many are found in that person’s small inner circle or in the larger world?

The people with big hearts who we know personally have a strong, positive influence within their families and communities. We can compare them to our small Local Group mentioned above that contains just a handful of galaxies. On the other hand, a person like Nelson Mandela had a very strong, positive influence on millions of people in South Africa and all over the world. We could compare people like him to a supercluster with a gravitational reach of thousands and even millions of galaxies.

Someday, we will find a way to measure the force of unconditional love, perhaps by measuring the physiological, electromagnetic reach of our heart as well as by defining criteria for the reach of our good deeds, thoughts and ideas in the world around us.

If we take a look around us, we can already measure the push and pull of our personal tides by observing the people, animals, objects and places around us.

Gravity defines our universeAxisMundi Simplest

All objects, big or small, have a gravitational force that influences other objects within reach.

Unconditional love defines our person and our world. 

All people have an attractive force that influences other people and objects within reach.

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Survival? Or Humanity?

How do we choose between our survival and our humanity?

I’m reading the fictional book Lucifer’s Hammer about the apocalyptic chaos created by pieces of a meteor that hit the Earth in multiple places. The gigantic chunks of meteor cause shifts in plate tectonics that trigger earthquakes. They displace ocean water and create mega-tsunamis that wipe out coastal regions and leave weeks of rain. And so on and so forth.

The book was written in 1977 so much of the context has to be viewed from that lens. However, some ethical dilemmas posed in that book remain valid today including the tension between your survival and your humanity.

Residents look for personal belongings amidst the rubble of their homes in Bhaktapur.

(Nepal earthquake. Daniel Berehulak/The New York Times)

In the book, most of the characters agree that, to survive in an apocalyptic world, you have to set aside your humanity. You have to leave struggling people behind. You have to hoard and to protect your food and other resources. In an apocalyptic situation, your resources cannot be shared because where do you draw the line when hundreds, thousands and millions will be in need for months, for years? If you want to be a survivor, you have to be selfish.

Humans have evolved to be survivors. Our bodies are designed to want to survive. Our will pushes us to survive. How far will that survival instinct go to survive? To choose to help our children, families and friends over others’ survival?

Are we willing to sacrifice the lives of others? To turn away or even kill strangers or friends to save our families? Are we willing to turn them away and say, “They’ll have to find their own food. Maybe they’ll be okay.” Can we sacrifice their lives because we need to survive to govern or because we have the skills needed to rebuild or because our children need us? Can we make those decisions and still retain our humanity


Mega tsunami illustration. (Chris Wren/Kenn Brown)

Until we are in such a situation (hopefully, never!), it’s hard to say what we would do. My hope is that my humanity will never leave me. Is survival, either my own or my children’s, worth staining my heart? Is it my heart or my ego that decides I must survive because I will be needed. Do I want to survive at all costs?

My hope is that my heart will help me to make the right decisions, whatever those should be. Hopefully, I will have the will and the courage to listen to my heart in the midst of chaos and survival.

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Science & Spirit, Together


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