About Touchy Subjects

The purpose of Touchy Subjects is to explore, with an open, unbound spirit, the latest theories and research in science and spirit that relate to energy and healing. To ask questions, to explore new ideas, to do the research, to ask more questions, without fear and without boundaries but with respect.

I’m not interested in saying “This is how it is,” rather “Wow, this is how it might be.” I explore potential ideas even if they seem too crazy to be true. Because many of the greatest ideas did seem a little crazy before they were fearlessly explored and fully understood. Dare to push your boundaries.

What is essential here is the presence of the spirit of dialogue, which is in short, the ability to hold many points of view in suspension, along with a primary interest in the creation of common meaning.” David Bohm & David Peat, Science Order, and Creativity, p.247

Explore with an unbound spirit.

Explore without fear.

Explore Energy. No Boundaries. No Fear.

Touchy Subjects is written by Brenda Piquette—a marketing and communications consultant and writer who is passionate about the science and spirit of the process of growth. Brenda developed the self-directed healing approach, Small Scale, Daily Healing, and she writes literary sci-fi, fiction and literary non-fiction that melds science and spirit.

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Touchy Subjects is owned and operated by Brenda Piquette. All information on the Touchy Subjects blog is copyright Brenda Piquette 2010-2017.

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