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Do 0’s & 1’s in the universe give rise to our person?

Physicists theorize that, at the smallest scale (the Planck scale), the universe is composed of bits of information like the 0’s and 1’s used to store and process information digitally. This information is stored onto light sheets that, in turn, … Continue reading

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Can you be in two places at once?

Ever wish you could be in two places at once? Microscopic systems like atoms, molecules, and even cells can be in two places at once. So, why can’t macroscopic systems, like a human body? Or can we?? In our everyday … Continue reading

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How Our Body Might Collect Information

In the January 24 post, “Understanding the Energy around Us,” we discussed the electromagnetic energy bouncing all around and within us. And in the January 21 post, “Can Spintronics Explain Physiological Information Storage?” we explored the possibility that spintronics, or … Continue reading

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Can Spintronics Explain Physiological Information Storage?

Spintronics, short for spin-based electronics, is an emerging technology that exploits an electron’s spin rather than its electric charge in electronic devices. What really excites me about this technology is that it might help us to understand how our body … Continue reading

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