Our Healing Mirrors the Evolution of Star Clusters

The titanic evolution of star clusters — from their birth to their slow dispersion in space — seems to mirror the process of healing on the much, much smaller, human scale.

The more research I do, the more convinced I am that our universe and, most probably, the multiverse are fractals, patterns that repeat themselves at the smallest and at the largest levels. The latest research on the birth and dispersion of star clusters or groups of stars, including the one that birthed our own sun, adds to my growing list of evidence that points to the repetition of a universal pattern of death, transformation and new life — a process I have labelled the Axis Mundi Fractal.

The Evolution of a Star Cluster

Evolution of an Open Star Cluster

Illustration by Malcom Godwin for Scientific American 2014

Star clusters (groups of stars) begin their life as massive clouds of dust and gas. These massive clouds exert a gravitational pull on the objects around them but also on the gas and dust within the cloud. (Image on the left above.)

The cloud’s gravitational pull collapses the regions within the cloud where gas and dust are especially dense into newborn stars. As time goes on, more regions of the cloud collapse and more stars are born. (Image in the middle above.)

Millions of years later, stellar winds from the new stars cause the cluster to expand and, eventually, the clouds and the stars to disperse. (Image on the right above.)

Process of Healing

In energy healing, good health is measured by the flow of energy or chi or life force. Illnesses or problems, whether they are on the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level, cause blockages that reduce or, sometimes, completely eliminate the flow of energy in parts of your body/being. When the flow of energy is blocked, movement in some form or other is also blocked in your life.

The large cloud of gas and dust on the left in the illustration above can be likened to the formation of blockage in your energy when a problem or illness first appears.

Eventually, if we ignore it or are not able to heal it, that problem/illness peaks and the blockage condenses and limits even more energy flow— it looks a lot like the smaller, thicker cloud of gas in the middle of the illustration above. The condensed blockage often becomes a turning point in your problem or illness.

As you work at solving your issue or healing your illness (sometimes these two work hand in hand), you poke holes in that blockage; in other words, “stars” are born in your condensed energy. As you do more work, more holes are poked in the blockage, more brightness, more “stars” are born.

Once you poke enough holes in the blockage, once the “stars” reach a certain mass and age, their stellar wind blows the clouds away and disperses the condensed energy. Little by little, you work at the blockage until it is all gone — and your stars shine brightly, like those on the right in the illustration above.

Axis Mundi: Death - Transformation - Life

Axis Mundi: Death – Transformation – Life

DEATH  When problems or illnesses reach that point of ultra condensed energy or severe blockage in your energy flow, your healing process often requires that you release something, that you let go of something, so that you can move on. Your healing process, your stellar wind, blows away all the stuff you don’t need anymore—a part of you suffers a death.

TRANSFORMATION  As your old stuff is released, a new part of your being and your life grows; more stars are revealed from the disappearing cloud and they spread out in space. You experience transformation.

BIRTH / LIFE  At last, all of the cloud, all of the old stuff you don’t need anymore is gone and part of your life is on a new course. All of your stars are in place and shining brightly. The birth of a new life.

As above, so below. As below, so above.


Stahler, Steven W. “The Inner Life of Star Clusters.” Scientific American – Secrets of the Universe: Past, Present, Future. Special Collector’s Edition. August 2014.

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