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Arthur C. Clarke Defines Impossible

Wise words from Arthur C. Clarke in his book Profiles of the Future (in Forward to the Millenium Edition): “‘Impossible’ is an extremely dangerous word (…) I have tried to define its application by Three Laws (…): 1. When a … Continue reading

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Our Personal Computer System

With energy healing, it is hypothesized that the body and the electromagnetic field it emits collect, store and process all the information that touches us, like our personal computer system. The totality of this information—which combines physical, emotional, mental and … Continue reading

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Can Spintronics Explain Physiological Information Storage?

Spintronics, short for spin-based electronics, is an emerging technology that exploits an electron’s spin rather than its electric charge in electronic devices. What really excites me about this technology is that it might help us to understand how our body … Continue reading

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