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Cosmic Rays & Magnetic Fields: We are made of starstuff

Cosmic rays are not rays at all but electrically charged fragments of atoms that are moved throughout space in all directions by magnetic fields. Cosmic rays are found everywhere in space; at any moment, they are moving through Earth and … Continue reading

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Erasing Painful Memories

Millions of people across Canada and the U.S. suffer from chronic pain, which affects not only their health but their quality of life and that of their loved ones. Whether it is physiological, emotional or mental, pain that lasts more than … Continue reading

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Photos: Bent Light from Crystals

The photo below from Discover Magazine online is of a quartz crystal as seen through a microscope that photographs the crystal’s “birefringence” or its ability to bend light that passes through it. Source: Discover Magazine online. “The Most Psychedelic Images … Continue reading

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Similarities between DNA & Light

While practicing one of the techniques I learned during Vicki Slater’s Physics & Healing for Healers 2 workshop, thoughts crossed my mind about some potential similarities between light and DNA. You can refer to the Touchy Subjects blogs listed under … Continue reading

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Inner & Outer Light

In this post, we explore connections between the spectrum of visible light and the use of colours from the light spectrum to represent chakras, theorized to be the energy centres of our electromagnetic body. Outer Light: The Spectrum of Visible … Continue reading

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How Our Body Might Collect Information

In the January 24 post, “Understanding the Energy around Us,” we discussed the electromagnetic energy bouncing all around and within us. And in the January 21 post, “Can Spintronics Explain Physiological Information Storage?” we explored the possibility that spintronics, or … Continue reading

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Understanding the Energy around Us

Last weekend, I watched the IMAX movie “The Ultimate Wave: Tahiti” and was fascinated by a graphic that explained how energy moves in water to create waves. The water itself moves very little; the individual particles of water move up … Continue reading

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What is Antimatter?

These are exciting times! In February 2011, the last scheduled space shuttle flight to the International Space Station will have on board the giant Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS).[1] The AMS will be docked at the space station to collect evidence … Continue reading

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