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What To Do About Stressful World Issues

Every day, we are hearing and reading about stressful issues happening all around us: climate change, icebergs melting, hurricanes, desperate refugees, starving polar bears, decimated forests, homes inundated and people swept away, elephants poached. In the past, I’ve offered techniques on … Continue reading

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How to Heal When You Hit Your Head

Most of us bonk our heads at least a few times in our lives or, if you’re like me, many times a year. Most bonks are light and harmless, but once in a while you get a harder bonk that makes … Continue reading

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Transform Cruelty in the World into Empowerment & Action

Through media reports, we are often indirect witnesses to cruelty to the most helpless and vulnerable, particularly animals and children. Sometimes we wish we didn’t have to carry this knowledge because it pains us, over and over again when it … Continue reading

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Cosmic Rays & Magnetic Fields: We are made of starstuff

Cosmic rays are not rays at all but electrically charged fragments of atoms that are moved throughout space in all directions by magnetic fields. Cosmic rays are found everywhere in space; at any moment, they are moving through Earth and … Continue reading

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Do 0’s & 1’s in the universe give rise to our person?

Physicists theorize that, at the smallest scale (the Planck scale), the universe is composed of bits of information like the 0’s and 1’s used to store and process information digitally. This information is stored onto light sheets that, in turn, … Continue reading

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Erasing Painful Memories

Millions of people across Canada and the U.S. suffer from chronic pain, which affects not only their health but their quality of life and that of their loved ones. Whether it is physiological, emotional or mental, pain that lasts more than … Continue reading

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Photos: Bent Light from Crystals

The photo below from Discover Magazine online is of a quartz crystal as seen through a microscope that photographs the crystal’s “birefringence” or its ability to bend light that passes through it. Source: Discover Magazine online. “The Most Psychedelic Images … Continue reading

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