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Subliminal Messages Influence Our Pain

Researchers have discovered that subliminal messages can influence how we perceive pain. If that’s the case, we can also work to change our perceptions to reduce our pain. A new study conducted by a team at Harvard Medical School and the Karolinska Institute … Continue reading

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Physical Link Found Between Thoughts & Healing Our Body

There is truth to that old saying “If you believe you’re sick, you’re sick; if you believe you’re healthy, you’re healthy.” New research on placebos reinforces recent theories that our thoughts and expectations can be influential in affecting our health and in healing our body. Researchers studying … Continue reading

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Visualizations Help the Healing Process

A Scientific American MIND article looks at two studies that support the theory that mental imagery helps the body to heal after surgery. The mental imagery used in the first study involved mentally rehearsing physical therapy exercises and visualizing the … Continue reading

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Death Equals Life even on Galactic Scales

In healing, in traditional cultures and in science, death is often a necessary factor in the generation of new life. And oftentimes, the bigger the death, the bigger the growth generated. It seems that death by supermassive black holes might … Continue reading

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Documentary “People V. the State of Illusion”

Scientific American MIND editor Ingrid Wickelgren says this film “…invokes a good deal of science to back up the simple, uplifting argument that we all have the power to change our lives by changing our own minds.” People V. the … Continue reading

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Cosmic Rays & Magnetic Fields: We are made of starstuff

Cosmic rays are not rays at all but electrically charged fragments of atoms that are moved throughout space in all directions by magnetic fields. Cosmic rays are found everywhere in space; at any moment, they are moving through Earth and … Continue reading

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Study on Mindfulness Techniques for Breast Cancer Patients

Caroline Hoffman, PhD and her team of researchers wanted to find out if Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) could be more effective than standard care in boosting the mood, health-related quality of life, and well-being of women with stage 0 to III … Continue reading

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