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Chakras, People & Multiverse Share Same Structure

Attention: Mind and universe blowing subject matter. Physicists suspect that when the Big Bang created our universe 14 billion years ago, it may also have birthed an inverse, mirror universe where time moves backwards, not forwards. When we examine this scientific … Continue reading

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Connect with Everything in the Universe

Here is a quick, simple technique to connect with everything in the universe. Dark Matter Distribution in the Universe Simulations have shown that the distribution of dark matter in the universe might resemble a nervous system. The Millenium Simulation Project at the … Continue reading

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Gravitational Waves Help Us Understand Our Ecosystem

Gravitational waves may seem distant and incomprehensible; why should we care about them? Let’s try to understand their importance to us in a more familiar way. We are inside the universe’s body. If star clusters are like the organs of the … Continue reading

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Gravity is Love. Love is Gravity.

Gravity is unconditional love. Unconditional love is gravity. They are a universal—and maybe even multi-universal—constant. Gravity Sir Isaac Newton discovered the existence of an attractive force between two objects: gravity. He also discovered that this gravitational force between two objects could be measured using the … Continue reading

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Science & Spirit, Together

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We Need Both Science & Spirit

We don’t have to choose between science or spirit. To be balanced, we and our world need both. Science and spirit work together to help individuals to connect with their self and with their families and communities, and to grow in unison … Continue reading

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What To Do About Stressful World Issues

Every day, we are hearing and reading about stressful issues happening all around us: climate change, icebergs melting, hurricanes, desperate refugees, starving polar bears, decimated forests, homes inundated and people swept away, elephants poached. In the past, I’ve offered techniques on … Continue reading

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