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One Year Old Today & Pondering Creation

Touchy Subjects is one year old today! The first Touchy Subjects post, “Pipe Ceremony & Electromagnetic Fields,” was uploaded exactly one year ago today. Thirty-five posts and over 3,200 views later, Touchy Subjects is going strong and I’m excited about … Continue reading

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Keep Moving to Generate Limitless Energy

Magnets have the potential to generate limitless energy (woohoo!) but the trick is that you have to move them, which of course requires an external power source (boohoo).  The question that comes to my mind is: if our body acts … Continue reading

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Burning to Live

Last night, as I was performing my daily ritual of filling my being with love and compassion, in my mind’s eye I saw my being engulfed with yellow and orange-red flames. Strange, I thought, normally my being fills with green … Continue reading

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Inner & Outer Light

In this post, we explore connections between the spectrum of visible light and the use of colours from the light spectrum to represent chakras, theorized to be the energy centres of our electromagnetic body. Outer Light: The Spectrum of Visible … Continue reading

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