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Visualizations to Fight Flus & Colds

Over the past few years, I’ve been trying different techniques from my self healing approach to fight colds and flus and I think I’ve finally figured it out. These techniques do not necessarily get rid of a cold or flu altogether but they can … Continue reading

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Terrorists: Support Facts not Fear

I do not support terrorists. I support a person’s right not to be accused of being a terrorist because of their religion, race or country. I support facts. This is not about political correctness or lefties or softies. It’s about … Continue reading

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Terrorists: Dispelling Fear & Myth through Knowledge

The latest terrorist attacks in Paris have generated many comments and discussions about the closing of borders to Syrian refugees, the bombing of ISIS strongholds and the impact of Islam on society. Perhaps the questions we should be asking are: … Continue reading

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Stomping on OCPD

OCPD: Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder OCPD Traits OCPD is indicated by four or more of the following: Focus on details, rules, lists and schedules Paralyzing perfectionism Workaholism Moralizing Inability to delegate Rigidity and stubbornness Pack-rat living Extreme saving for a … Continue reading

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Certain Physical Ailments Aided by Therapy & Healing Habits

Headache, insomnia, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, female sexual dysfunction and infertility. According to recent studies, these physical syndromes can all be treated just as successfully—and sometimes better—with psychotherapy than with medication. These physical ailments, like many others, are often partly or … Continue reading

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Subliminal Messages Influence Our Pain

Researchers have discovered that subliminal messages can influence how we perceive pain. If that’s the case, we can also work to change our perceptions to reduce our pain. A new study conducted by a team at Harvard Medical School and the Karolinska Institute … Continue reading

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What To Do About Stressful World Issues

Every day, we are hearing and reading about stressful issues happening all around us: climate change, icebergs melting, hurricanes, desperate refugees, starving polar bears, decimated forests, homes inundated and people swept away, elephants poached. In the past, I’ve offered techniques on … Continue reading

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