Gravity is Love. Love is Gravity.

Gravity is unconditional love. Unconditional love is gravity. They are a universal—and maybe even multi-universal—constant.


Sir Isaac Newton discovered the existence of an attractive force between two objects: gravity. He also discovered that this gravitational force between two objects could be measured using the mass of each object and the distance between the two objects. The result was a formula called Newton’s law that, today, is a foundation of physics:

F = Gm 1 m 2 / r 2

The bigger an object is, the more gravitational force it has. In addition, the closer two objects are, the stronger their gravitational force will be on each other.

earth_sun_gravity_orbitWith that formula, we can measure the gravitational force that the Sun has on the Earth. The Sun’s huge mass and close proximity produces a gravitational force strong enough to pull Earth and all of the other planets in the solar system towards it so that they orbit the star.

Even though the Sun’s gravity is many times stronger than Earth’s, people and animals are not flying out into space to orbit the sun because Earth is much closer to us than the Sun and our mass is puny compared to that of our home planet.

moon earth gravity tidesSimilarly, we can measure the gravitational pull the Moon and Earth have on each other. The Earth’s larger mass means that the Moon will orbit the Earth.

However, the Moon’s gravitational force does have an influence on Earth: it tugs at the tides in our oceans creating high and low tides.

Gravity is everywhere in our universe because there are objects spread throughout space. The gravity of suns pulls planets and, sometimes, smaller suns into their orbits. Entire galaxies exert a tremendous gravitational force that can attract smaller galaxies around them.

The largest objects in the universe, galaxy clusters, also have the largest mass; therefore, they exert the strongest gravitational force. Our home, the Milky Way galaxy, is part of a small cluster of galaxies called the Local Group. Our Local Group is part of a larger cluster of galaxies, the Virgo Cluster, which in turn is part of a much bigger supercluster that astronomers have recently named Laniakea, which means Immeasurable Heaven in Hawaiian.laniakea_homesupercluster

The Milky Way is the blue dot at the right edge of Laniakea in the image above. The white filaments indicate the motion of the galaxies towards the centre of the supercluster, the Great Attractor, the area where all the filaments intersect.

Here is a wonderful, short video about Laniakea and our place in it:

Unconditional Love

Like gravity, unconditional love is an attractive force that can be measured—although not with a mathematical formula, at least not yet.

force unconditional love heart personHave you ever noticed that people with big and open hearts attract a lot of people around them? The bigger their heart (like mass for gravity) and the more open it is (like distance for gravity), the greater their unconditional love and the more people will gravitate around them.

Some well-known people with big, open hearts who attract or attracted thousands and millions of people include Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Amma Mata Amritanandamayi and Buddha. Millions of everyday people are loving and compassionate and attract others; I can think of a few in my circle and I’m sure you can too.

When we talk about the size and the openness of a heart, we are not talking about its physiological characteristics. Rather, we can measure the ‘mass’ and ‘distance’ of a heart by its influence on the world around it.

For instance, how many people, animals, objects and places has that person positively touched and influenced? How many of those were heavily influenced, and on an ongoing basis or just once? How many were lightly influenced, and on an ongoing basis or just once? How many are found in that person’s small inner circle or in the larger world?

The people with big hearts who we know personally have a strong, positive influence within their families and communities. We can compare them to our small Local Group mentioned above that contains just a handful of galaxies. On the other hand, a person like Nelson Mandela had a very strong, positive influence on millions of people in South Africa and all over the world. We could compare people like him to a supercluster with a gravitational reach of thousands and even millions of galaxies.

Someday, we will find a way to measure the force of unconditional love, perhaps by measuring the physiological, electromagnetic reach of our heart as well as by defining criteria for the reach of our good deeds, thoughts and ideas in the world around us.

If we take a look around us, we can already measure the push and pull of our personal tides by observing the people, animals, objects and places around us.

Gravity defines our universeAxisMundi Simplest

All objects, big or small, have a gravitational force that influences other objects within reach.

Unconditional love defines our person and our world. 

All people have an attractive force that influences other people and objects within reach.

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1 Response to Gravity is Love. Love is Gravity.

  1. David Ginsberg says:

    Magnetism and gravity and also biological attraction are all expressions of the idea of “love”

    “For I am divided for love’s sake. For the chance of union.”

    It’s literally what makes the world go round

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