Terrorists: Support Facts not Fear

I do not support terrorists.

I support a person’s right not to be accused of being a terrorist because of their religion, race or country.

I support facts. This is not about political correctness or lefties or softies. It’s about facts:

  • Terrorists cannot be profiled solely by religion, race or country.
  • Terrorists wield religion or ideology as a marketing tool, as propaganda, to recruit people to their cause. They are selling a dream… always at the expense of others.
  • Terrorists’ goal is to propagate fear and hatred to alter the status quo towards their own ends.
  • History has shown over and over that any religion and any ideology can be used to create and to feed fear and hatred.
  • Even if terrorists’ goal is a religious government, not all people who follow that religion are automatically terrorists. (Reconstruction Theology in the U.S. calls for the creation of a Christian theocratic government, it has links to paramilitary training camps, and Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh had ties to both. That does not make all Christians terrorists.)

Fear won't lead my heartI do not support people who propagate hatred and fear – on whichever side they may be.

Hatred and fear beget more hatred and fear and division. Hatred and fear serve no one… except the terrorists.

I do not support terrorists.

It’s okay to be afraid… but I won’t let fear lead my heart. #fearwontleadmyheart

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