Feet Not Sore Anymore

Addendum to “Healing My Feet as I Walk” published on October 12, 2014.

In “Healing My Feet as I Walk,” I mentioned that our feet indicate how we feel about where we are going. Feet that become sore so that you cannot walk easily might indicate fear of what lies ahead.

Parts of my feet near my big toes had been sore for a couple of years and I wondered if that soreness was related to my fear of moving forward as I transitioned my career.

Love to my feetFor the past five days, I have not had an ache in either of my feet, not even a bit. I believe it may be due to the fact that I attended the Conscious Living Faire on Saturday and put my new business out there in the public eye. I was able to overcome my fear of where this new direction might take me and take a leap of faith.

I will continue to monitor my feet to see if the soreness returns. In the meantime, I am thanking my feet for reminding me of where my fear lay and what I could do about it.

My feet carry me everywhere… even into the future.

About Brenda Piquette | Continual Threshold

At Continual Threshold, we offer quick and easy, compassionate, self-directed healing tools that you can adapt for your needs and integrate into your daily life to heal and to grow as a person.
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