The Spiritual Aspect of Small Scale, Daily Healing™

At the Conscious Living Faire yesterday, someone asked me how Small Scale, Daily Healing™ deals with the spiritual — an excellent question that I did not answer satisfactorily at the time. The short answer is that Small Scale, Daily Healing™ strengthens your connection with your self and with the world, but what does that mean, exactly?

Small Scale, Daily Healing™ can help with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges, in other words, your overall health at every layer of your being. Healing is a highly personal process and the spiritual aspect of healing can mean different things for different people. What I offer here is a summary of how Small Scale, Daily Healing™ can contribute to your spiritual health. (I say a summary since the entire explanation requires a chapter in a book — which I happen to be writing!)

Axis Mundi PersonThe foundation of the healing strategies that make up Small Scale, Daily Healing™ is the axis mundi, an imaginary, vertical line that represents your connection to your person and to the world as well as your power to create change in yourself and in the world around you. Axis mundi is Latin for “world axis” and, for many religions and mythologies around the globe, represents a sacred place, the centre of the world and the centre of creation.

The axis mundi is a place where the sky meets the earth (i.e. a mountain, pyramid or temple, sacred places for many cultures) and where the four directions meet. Traditionally, shamans could travel up to the sky and down into the earth by means of the axis mundi, also called the rainbow bridge (a reference to the light spectrum associated with the major chakras).

Axis Mundi and PersonOn a personal level, your entire body is an axis mundi, a sacred place of creation, because it connects the earth and the sky; your body is a temple. Your body also contains an axis mundi, which lies where your physical nature meets your spiritual nature at your heart chakra. 

You have seven major chakras or energy centres. The three lower chakras — root, sacral and solar plexus — harbour your physical, emotional and mental processes. The three higher chakras — throat, brow and crown — hold the higher functions of creativity, insight and connecting to spirit.

Major chakrasYour heart chakra lies smack dab in the middle and connects the three lower and three higher chakras. Your heart chakra is a centre of creation that creates your person and that creates the world around you by working to blend and balance your physical functions with your higher functions.

The self-directed healing strategies for Small Scale, Daily Healing™ focus on strengthening your axis mundi or your connection with your self and with the world (and with the universe and the multiverse, if you choose, as I do, to extend your axis mundi waaaayyyyy up). They help your heart to balance and to connect your lower and upper chakras. They help you to discover your own, existing power and that from the world and from the universe.

I spent almost 40 years of my life unconnected to my self or to the world, an empty shell. After a few years of practicing my self-directed healing strategies, my connection to my self and to the world is so strong that I am more resilient to negative influences and my heart opens more easily.

OpenYourHeart graphic2 USETHISONEWhen your heart is open, your lower and higher chakras are connected and balanced. If you strive for spirit, strive for an open heart.

About Brenda Piquette | Continual Threshold

At Continual Threshold, we offer quick and easy, compassionate, self-directed healing tools that you can adapt for your needs and integrate into your daily life to heal and to grow as a person.
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