Intentionally Open Your Heart Every Day

If you only have time to do one thing every day that helps to heal you and all those around you, then intentionally Open Your Heart.

Opening your heart is one of the most powerful, non-violent actions you can take.When you open your heart, you are able to love unconditionally and to forgive anything, and you are compassionate and accepting towards yourself and towards others.

But opening your heart unconditionally is not always easy, especially when we are looking at ourselves, at our pain, and at the pain we are or believe we are causing others. The person we have the most trouble loving unconditionally and forgiving is usually our self. And that’s exactly where we need to start when we want to heal and to grow as a person.

Practice the Open Your Heart technique every day, more than once a day when you can. I practiced it while waiting at the dentist’s yesterday morning and while walking back home afterwards. It takes seconds and you can practice it anywhere. When you practice it every day, it becomes easier to open your heart when you really need it, when it’s hardest to do.

How to Open Your Heart

  1. Your heart chakra or heart energy centre is in the middle of your chest. To open and expand your heart, imagine a small circle in front of your chest—make it green, if you like, the colour or light frequency of the heart chakra. Visualize that small circle growing and opOpenYourHeart graphic2 USETHISONEening. Sometimes, it is helpful to stand straight and to push your shoulders back.
  2. Allow the circle to grow until it encompasses your entire body and being. Focus on this loving light all around you for a few seconds or as long as you like.
  3. Say silently, “I am unconditionally loved. I love unconditionally.”

When your heart chakra is open, you feel open and light. When your heart chakra is closed, your chest might feel tighter and heavier and your shoulders might be curved inward. Play with it until your heart feels lighter and you truly feel loved and loving.



About Brenda Piquette | Continual Threshold

At Continual Threshold, we offer quick and easy, compassionate, self-directed healing tools that you can adapt for your needs and integrate into your daily life to heal and to grow as a person.
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