Richard Wagamese Workshop for Fearless Creation

A 5-day writing workshop with Richard Wagamese involves more than just creating stories. During a workshop with Richard, creative energy nurtures stories, builds communities, and holds a space for healing.

Richard Wagamese, a multi-award winning author and journalist, is an Ojibway from the Wabasseemoong First Nation in northwestern Ontario. His writing workshops are unique in that they build on the oral storytelling traditions of First Nations people. He teaches people how to harness their own, authentic energy through, as he states on his website, “that place of free and fearless creativity you knew when you first discovered language as a child.”

Orange & blue jets from black hole at centre of Centaurus A

Orange and blue are jets and radio-emitting lobes emanating from black hole at centre of the galaxy Centaurus A

The energy in Richard’s writing workshop reminds me of the energy created by a supermassive black hole, the ultimate author of free and fearless creativity (see my post, “Death Equals Life even on Galactic Scales”). A supermassive black hole inhales everything within eating distance of its event horizon. In Richard’s class, all the fears, anxieties, and everything else blocking you from writing are sucked into the black hole…which appears supermassive, believe me. Within the supermassive black hole, all of that negative energy is crushed and stomped on, and then…

Miraculously, all that black hole vomit is transformed into highly energetic particles of creation. Richard’s classroom becomes the fast spinning, supermassive black hole that spews stories–both oral and written, long and short, real and nonsensical. It gushes with innumerable connections on personal, professional, social, cultural, and tangibly physical levels. And, most importantly, those energetic jets create a safe, supportive space for healing that allows every person present to receive what they need to move forward with their own creating in this world, whatever that may be. And then…

In the end, that is what Richard Wagamese’s workshop is all about: crushing that which blocks your event horizon and magically transforming it so that you can go on creating your world. Everywhere I turn, it’s always about the axis mundi, that channel that connects us to what’s below and to what’s above so that we can create ourselves and we can create the world around us.

Further reading

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