Cancer & Near Death Survivor Says “Live without fear”

Watch this 2011 interview with Anita Moorjani, who was on her death bed full of cancer, had a near death experience, and was cleared of her cancer within four days: Anita offers inspiration and a recommendation to live your life fearlessly and with abandon—because fear causes blockage and illness.Anita Moorjani When you are centred in your universe, feel worthy and allow that which is truly yours to come into your life, everything you need will come to you.

I am always worrying and afraid about having enough money, and guess what, I never have enough money. I am letting go of that fear right now. With one of my techniques (Connect & Balance in All Space & Time), I’ve been working at being centred in my universe, and now I’ll also incorporate allowing what I need to come rather than desperately pursuing it.

What can you do today, in this moment, to live with less fear and with more abandon?

Just live. No boundaries. No fear.

About Brenda Piquette | Continual Threshold

At Continual Threshold, we offer quick and easy, compassionate, self-directed healing tools that you can adapt for your needs and integrate into your daily life to heal and to grow as a person.
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