Free Online Qigong Sessions

Learn Spring Forest Qigong by Master Chunyi Lin who has developed an easy-to-follow program that will allow you to incorporate the health benefits of Qigong into your daily life. Qigong is a very gentle method that helps you balance the energy in your body and is beneficial on many fronts. Master Chunyi Lin’s daily qigong program, which is endorsed by Deepak Chopra, is a simple combination of breathing, focused concentration, mental exercise, and gentle movements.

You will be able to listen for free to ten professionally produced, 30-minute audio sessions of Chunyi teaching you the techniques. And you will be able to watch two 60-minute video sessions of him demonstrating his methods.

You can get more information and sign up here:

About Brenda Piquette | Continual Threshold

At Continual Threshold, we offer quick and easy, compassionate, self-directed healing tools that you can adapt for your needs and integrate into your daily life to heal and to grow as a person.
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