Gift Yourself a Love Massage

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, why not give some love to the most important person in your life: YOU. (No funny toys or gift cards required.) Gift yourself a Love Massage that can be given anytime, anywhere (seriously) but that feels best when you are sitting or lying down and can relax undisturbed. For best results, do it every day on a long-term basis—you never know, you might just fall in love.

Love Massage

The concept of the Love Massage is simple: send love to every part of your body. During the Love Massage, you will focus on one part of your body at a time, starting with your toes and feet and moving up. As you focus on a body part, you will think, “I love you my (body part)” to send that intention to that body part. Optionally, you can inhale while thinking “I love you” and exhale while thinking “(body part)” to send both the breath and the intention to that part of your body.

You can follow the list below or add more or less detail—adjust it to fit your needs and do whatever feels right for you. If you are feeling discomfort or pain in a particular place, you may want to spend more time on that area. However, I do recommend that you do the entire body for the greatest benefit.

    • I love you…   my toes and feet
    • I love you…   my ankles and lower legs
    • I love you…   my knees and upper legs
    • I love you…   my hips
    • I love you…   my pelvic area (and root chakra)
    • I love you…   my elimination and digestive systems
    • I love you…   my reproductive system (and sacral chakra)
    • I love you…   my stomach, liver, kidneys and all other organs
    • I love you…   (my solar plexus chakra)
    • I love you…   my chest and my heart (and heart chakra)
    • I love you…   my circulation system
    • I love you…   my lungs and respiratory system
    • I love you…   my shoulders
    • I love you…   my arms and elbows
    • I love you…   my wrists, hands and fingers
    • I love you…   my throat (and throat chakra)
    • I love you…   my neck and spine
    • I love you…   my upper, middle and lower back
    • I love you…   my endocrine system
    • I love you…   my head and brain
    • I love you…   my nose and mouth
    • I love you…   my eyes and ears
    • I love you…   my forehead (and brow chakra)
    • I love you…   my hair and scalp (and crown chakra)
    • I love you…   my nervous system
    • I love you…   my skin
    • I love you…   my bones and joints
    • I love you…   my muscles and ligaments
    • I love you…   all of my particles and the space in between
    • I love you…   my body and my being

After your Love Massage, take some time to enjoy that mushy-all-over-after-massage feeling. Like all massages, it takes a bit of time to get there, but the resulting relaxation is worth it.

Explore Energy. No Boundaries. No Fear.

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3 Responses to Gift Yourself a Love Massage

  1. Liette Ireland says:

    Sounds like when I am putting Cole down. If he has a difficult time going to sleep, I go through all the body parts starting at his toes. I say “goodnight toes’ and tell him to let them go to sleep. I feel him relaxing and letting go of every part of his body until I finish and he usually goes out right away. I will have to work on the Love Massage for myself.

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