One Year Old Today & Pondering Creation

Touchy Subjects is one year old today! The first Touchy Subjects post, “Pipe Ceremony & Electromagnetic Fields,” was uploaded exactly one year ago today. Thirty-five posts and over 3,200 views later, Touchy Subjects is going strong and I’m excited about plans to keep creating in the coming year. But what IS the point of creating this blog and keeping it going?

Creation has been a hot topic for me lately as I’ve delved into the axis mundi, a sacred, vertical line also known as the central point of the world and the connection between the sky/heaven and the Earth. Refer to my last blog post for more info about the axis mundi:

At the point where the sky and the Earth meet, which is the centre of the axis mundi, we find the omphalos or navel, the point of beginning and creation.  And that is the point where we find humans who create change in the world every day. At the centre of the human body, we have our navel, our reproductive system and the core of our person—our centres of creation. In the centre of our sun, energy is continually transformed as it is both destroyed and created. In our galaxy’s navel might lie a ravenous black hole that swallows everything in its range, which it might then spit out elsewhere in an act of creation.  

These thoughts about the axis mundi lead me in various directions:

  • Movement and the transformation of energy at the centre of things are essential for life and growth. At the centre of: a magnetic field, an atom, a cell, a person, the Earth, the axis mundi of Earth/Human/Sky, the sun and the Milky Way.
  • Death must be experienced before life can be created. Plants and animals must die so that we can ingest food and obtain nutrients to create energy. We have to allow old patterns to die so that we can move forward and create new paths in our life. Energy is continually transformed—destroyed and then created—within the sun and in the universe when old stars die and new ones are created.
  • If there is a meaning around 2012, perhaps it has to do with the need for an inner alignment with our axis mundi. The end of a major cycle in the Mayan calendar coincides with a time when more and more people are looking both inward and outward to unravel their identity and purpose, scientifically and spiritually. Chaos and collisions occur so that new life and new experiences can be born. We must continually transform our energy—to allow some parts to die so that others can be created—to continually move up our axis and grow at the individual and societal levels.
  • And speaking of collisions and creation… The Large Hadron Collider at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) recreates the conditions just after the Big Bang by colliding two beams of light head-on at very high energy (see CERN image below). Teams of physicists then analyse the particles created in the collisions. Today, CERN is scheduled to speak about potential evidence for the existence of an elusive particle called the Higgs Boson. The Higgs has been popularly labelled the “God particle” because it is an elementary particle hypothesized to be the origin of the mass of all matter. One of the hottest questions in physics today is “What determines the mass of particles?” One theory is that a sort of field or lattice, referred to as the Higgs field, fills the universe. When a particle moves through this field, it creates a distortion that determines the particle’s mass, whether it will be heavy or light. Theoretical physicist John Ellis, one of CERN’s scientists (National Geographic, March 2008) compares the Higgs field to a puddle of mud: some particles that run through the mud have big boots that end up covered in mud while others with little boots barely have any mud. The Higgs field sounds familiarly like physicist David Bohm’s concept of the implicate universe, the underlying, deeper order of existence that gives birth to all objects in our physical world. If providing particles with mass equals giving birth to objects, then the Higgs field might be the creator of all things—hence god-like.
  • Creation seems to occur in the centre of things. When a cell creates energy, this energy affects the entire area in which the cell is found, with a ripple effect within the cell and beyond the area in which the cell is found. When we create from the centre of our body and the core of our being, our creations affect our entire body and being, with a ripple effect within us as well as beyond us out into the world. If a Higgs field exists and it exists only in the centre of the universe, can it create mass for the entire universe, with a ripple effect within the field and beyond the universe?

Movement generates collisions in the centre of which new life and new experiences are created, with a ripple effect within the centre of creation and way beyond its boundaries. All creation has a far reaching impact, both inward and outward, and the cumulative effect of the impact of all creation is ongoing growth.

My hope as Touchy Subjects begins its second year is that this blog will shake things up and generate thoughtful collisions, thereby creating new thoughts and patterns that ripple within each person and beyond into our personal and larger communities. At the very least, with every post, I witness internal movement and collisions with a cumulative effect of ongoing inner growth… and, ultimately, that’s the goal of every act of creation.

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