Keep Moving to Generate Limitless Energy

Magnets have the potential to generate limitless energy (woohoo!) but the trick is that you have to move them, which of course requires an external power source (boohoo).  The question that comes to my mind is: if our body acts like a magnet, can we generate limitless energy if we keep moving?

Many traditional cultures view the human body as part of the axis mundi or world pole, a sacred vertical axis on which are found the three worlds of: 1) the upper deities (sky/universe), 2) people (on earth), and 3) the dead or ancestors (within the earth).  The shaman or healer moves from one world to the next by means of the axis mundi, sometimes using a rainbow bridge or tree of life. (A reference to rainbow bridges is made in my post “Inner and Outer Light”:

Similarly, the human body can be compared to a magnet that is caught between two other powerful, magnetic influences: the earth’s magnetic properties and the combined magnetic pull generated by the sun, planets and other celestial objects.

How Magnets Work

Materials that can be easily magnetized such as iron, steel, nickel and cobalt contain atoms arranged in units, called domains. Each domain acts like a small magnet in itself. In their normal state before they are magnetized, domains point in all directions like this:

But when the material is placed in a strong magnetic field, the domains align in the direction of the field and the material itself becomes a magnet:

Different types of magnets are used for different tasks. When really strong magnets are needed, for instance in electric motors, TVs and computers, electromagnets are used. Electromagnets contain a metal core inside a coil of wire that conducts an electric current. The electric current flowing through the metal creates a magnetic field.

While the electric current flows, the iron core acts like a magnet. But when the electric current stops flowing, the iron core no longer retains its magnetic properties.

Our Body as Magnet

Perhaps our body acts like a material that becomes magnetized when under the influence of a strong magnetic field, like that of the Earth and the multiple, interacting celestial bodies. But our body is a pretty complex machine with various micro and macro levels of activity: in atoms, cells, organs and entire systems, and at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Like a regular magnet, we have multiple “domains” that each act like a small magnet, except that our domains rarely all align in the same direction—if they did, we’d be magnetically perfect and the law of attraction would be in high gear. Okay, I know what’s on my list of New Year’s resolutions: BE a magnet.

What helps “domains” align in our body? When our electric current is flowing, our domains align and we act like a magnet, attracting the things we want in our life. But when our electric current stops flowing, our domains become chaotic, our magnetism is reduced and it becomes harder to get what we want.

Movement = Alignment, Health & Balance

One theme that seems to come up over and over in many areas is the importance of movement for the flow of energy and for alignment, health and balance.

  • When the electric current stops flowing through the iron core of an electromagnet, the domains stop aligning and the core loses its magnetic properties.
  • When a person doesn’t physically move much, they have reduced energy and stamina. They might feel sluggish and apathetic.
  • When blood doesn’t flow properly in our body, many health issues arise including congested arteries.
  • In most types of energy healing, when energy (also called chi or life force) doesn’t flow freely, congestion ensues which can create a rippling of negative effects at all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) and imbalance occurs.

To generate a flow of energy in a magnet or in our body, movement is required. In our lives, different kinds of movement exist:

  • Physical movement like walking, exercise and breath work
  • Eating good foods, exposure to sunshine and other beneficial influences that produce beneficial movement inside our body
  • Emotions, thoughts, beliefs, values and mental activities such as analysis and calculation – all generate movement at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels
  • Working on self development, learning and refining skills and gaining knowledge, and overcoming fears all help our entire being to move forward. Not working on those areas equals stagnation in our life.

Without movement, life struggles. Severe depression, that robs one of all motivation to move in any way physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, often leads one to contemplate suicide. Arteriosclerosis (also known as atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries) forms hard structures called plaques that narrow and block arteries, limiting blood flow and starving tissues.

With movement, we can move up the axis mundi from the depths of the Earth to the endless potential of the universe.

Help the Flow of Energy

To help energy flow through your body with the aid of the magnetic influence of the earth and the universe (the totality of all celestial objects), try the following simple technique that I developed.

1. Visualize a flow of energy entering from below your left foot, going up the left side of your body, then going down the right side and out below your right foot (like the diagram on the left). If it helps, give the flow a colour. The energy flows like an upside down, U-shaped magnet. Repeat five times.

2. Do the same thing but begin below the right foot, going up the right side of your body and then down your left side and out your left foot. Repeat five times.

3. Next, visualize a flow of energy entering from above your left shoulder, going down the left side of your body, then going up the right side and out above your right shoulder (like the diagram on the right). The energy flows like a U-shaped magnet. Repeat five times.

4. Do the same thing but begin above the right shoulder, going down the right side of your body and then up your left side and out above your left shoulder. Repeat five times.

Remember to breathe while you are visualizing the flow of energy.

Doing this simple technique on a daily basis will help you to feel energized and less “congested.”

Magnets have the potential to generate limitless energy, if you move one of them. Imagine what we can accomplish if we keep moving in our lives.

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