Study on Spontaneous Remission of Cancer & Healers

In her dissertation entitled “Spontaneous Remission of Cancer: Theories from Healers, Physicians, and Cancer Survivors” (Fall 2010, University of California, Berkeley) Kelly Ann Turner discovered six treatments that emerged frequently among both survivors of cancer who had experienced spontaneous remission (SR) and participants who were Healers/Physicians:

  1. Deepening one’s spirituality;
  2. Trusting in intuition regarding health decisions;
  3. Releasing negative and/or repressed emotions;
  4. Feeling love/joy/happiness;
  5. Changing one’s diet; and,
  6. Taking herbal/vitamin supplements.

In addition, three underlying theories about health emerged:

  1. In order to remit cancer, one must change the underlying conditions that allow it to thrive;
  2. Illness=Blockage/Slowness; Health=No Blockage/Movement; and,
  3. A body-mind-spirit interaction exists.

To read the entire dissertation, go to:

For more information about Kelly Ann Turner (LinkedIn):

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