Can Humans Sense Magnetic Fields?

A couple of nights ago I went to see X-Men: First Class with my husband and my daughter, and I marvelled at Magneto’s ability to generate and control magnetism. Although Magneto would sneer at the possibility that humans, who are much less evolved than mutants, can sense magnetic fields, new research suggests that it’s possible we have this ability… but don’t try to bend metal with your thoughts just yet.

Lauren Foley, a scientist at the University of Massachussetts Medical School, has discovered that the human protein CRY2—or cryptochrome 2—can double as a magnetic sensor—at least when it’s given to Drosophila flies. Cryptochrome is found in many life forms and is abundant in the retina of birds, allowing them to navigate using the Earth’s magnetic field. Humans have two cryptochromes, CRY1 and CRY2, which help to control our body’s rhythms or biological clocks. CRY2 is also heavily active in the human retina and can sense light—Foley’s research found that it was sensitive to blue light.

The Drosophila fly can sense magnetic fields using cryptochrome; however, mutant flies that don’t have the CRY gene that makes the cryptochrome protein lose this ability. In Foley’s study, they gave the mutant flies the human version of CRY2 and discovered that the flies were then able to sense magnetic fields just like the regular flies with the CRY gene—but only when they were bathed in blue colour.

Foley’s studies show that human cryptochrome can act as a magnetic sensor—at least with blue light and in Drosophila flies. But this simple experiment does not prove that humans can sense magnetic fields. To sense magnetic fields one needs not only a protein like cryptochrome but also a process or apparatus that picks up the changes in the protein and communicates them to the brain.

Magnetoreception is a difficult animal sense to study and, in addition, we don’t really know what it would be used for in humans. Scientists don’t believe the idea of an internal compass for migration applies to humans, especially since lost humans tend to walk in circles when landmarks are not available.

It is quite possible that magnetoreception in humans has a completely different purpose, such as subtle communication in the form of a sixth sense that aided human survival when we lived amongst constant danger. Maybe magnetoreception causes the hair on our neck to raise and makes our entire body tingle when we’re in danger. I’ll be following with interest these and future studies concerning light receptors and magnetic sensors… and following Magneto’s next move to learn a few techniques, just in case.

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3 Responses to Can Humans Sense Magnetic Fields?

  1. Crazy ManMan says:

    The sixth sense is definitely there. I myself and others I know can physically see it (in the form of small specs flying in the dark). Although only some people are born with the ability to see it, others must be taught how and I have spent the past few years testing and perfecting the teaching of honing in on your magnetic sense. Contact me on Skype if you would like more information, my username is Crazy ManMan

  2. Crazy ManMan: Thanks for perusing my blog and leaving a comment. I agree that the sixth sense is definitely there; I know people who, like you, can see/sense electromagnetic energy, light frequencies and perhaps other types of energy. It’s great that you’re teaching people to sense it; it’s an important skill that helps us to understand ourselves and the world in which we live.

    • Crazy ManMan says:

      From what I can tell there is actually a pretty sizable chunk of the population that is sensitive by birth but they just do not know it because they think everybody sees that way or that it is their imagination playing tricks on them, or as in some cases they are only slightly sensitive and just never noticed it before. However the teaching practices I have developed make even somebody who can not sense it at all able to become super sensitive at will.

      I typically use the sense to predict weather (which is very useful for planning on what to do in a day) and often just messing with specs and colors with my friends, with a little focus and concentration it is amazing the art forms that can only be made using the magnetic sense.

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