Similarities between DNA & Light

While practicing one of the techniques I learned during Vicki Slater’s Physics & Healing for Healers 2 workshop, thoughts crossed my mind about some potential similarities between light and DNA.

You can refer to the Touchy Subjects blogs listed under Sources for detailed background information about how light potentially carries information into and out of our body via a process similar to emission spectroscopy. Briefly, all substances—those in our environment and within us—emit electromagnetic waves or light frequencies. The totality of the light frequencies emitted by each substance equal its unique emission spectrum. In other words, each substance emits light frequencies that are, essentially, its unique “signature.” And so, theoretically, all of these emitted light frequencies are carriers of information about all of the substances that make up our environment and us.

DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is also a carrier of information—the information that makes an organism unique, just like a substance’s emission spectrum is unique to that substance.

Along with being a carrier of information, DNA is also a sharer of that information since it passes its genetic code to offspring. DNA holds information that helps to create new life and, consequently, to create change in the world that reflects the originator of that change.

When the substances in our body emit light frequencies (or electromagnetic waves)—for instance in response to how we’re feeling or what we’re doing—the information they carry interacts with the substances through which their waves pass. Through these interactions, information from our bodies is shared with the world around us which in turn can create change in the world that reflects us. Since we are continually feeling, doing, reacting and moving, our bodies are continually sending information out into the world, creating change and receiving information in return.

DNA contains about 3 billion bases and about 20,000 genes on 23 pairs of chromosomes—it has to hold and communicate extremely complex information. Imagine how many light frequencies all the substances in our body emit every second of every day of our lives! Even the fastest computer today (which is pretty darn fast) couldn’t calculate that much information.

Lastly, the information emitted by all the substances in our body—and that we share with the world—changes based on the external information we receive and from our own experiences. Recent research suggests that the DNA we pass on to our children might also have changed (since we received it) based on the external information we receive and our experiences.

All in all, the most important lesson I learned from this exercise comparing DNA and light is that, at every moment of our lives, every one of us is a co-creator. At this very moment, as I write and as you read, we are in the process of sharing our unique code and of helping to give birth to the world around us.

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