Peeks at Alternate Universes & Flowing Fundamental Matter

I was reading about a couple of physics breakthroughs that I thought I would share with you: a peek into an alternate universe and a peek at fundamental matter at the very beginning of our universe.

From today’s Globe & Mail (June 5, “Physics breakthrough offers peek at antimatter universe”):

Scientists at CERN, including Makoto Fujiwara, a University of Calgary scientist and the lead author of a paper published in the journal Nature Physics, have announced a major breakthrough in their ability to capture and store minuscule particles of antimatter, the mysterious substance described as a mirror image of everyday reality. Believed to have been created in equal amounts to matter when the universe was created, anti-matter lies at the heart of the most fundamental questions in physics and astronomy: What happened to anti-matter? Where is it?

Scientists at CERN have been creating anti-matter since 2002 but the real challenge has been keeping the anti-matter around long enough to be able to study it.  Last November, they managed to create and store antimatter for the first time — 38 atoms of anti-hydrogen for about 0.17 seconds. Now, technical improvements and refinements have allowed them to catch 308 atoms and store them for more than 16 minutes, and they are hoping to stretch that time out even longer. This added time allows the scientists to study the anti-hydrogen (hence anti-matter) to give us a better glimpse of their alternate universe. (Cue music from The Twilight Zone…)

From a news release from the CERN website (LHC Experiments Present New Results at Quark Matter 2011 Conference, Geneva, 23 May 2011): 

In its infancy, just microseconds after the Big Bang, the universe consisted of a plasma of quarks and gluons (QGP), the fundamental building blocks of matter. By colliding heavy ions, physicists can turn back time and recreate the conditions that existed back then, allowing us to understand the evolution of the early universe.

The latest results of experiments at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) provide evidence that the matter created in lead ion collisions is the densest ever observed, over 100,000 times hotter than the interior of the sun and denser than neutron stars. Results have also confirmed that QGP behaves almost like an ideal fluid with minimal viscosity.

“We are entering a new era of high precision studies of strongly interacting matter at the highest energies ever,” said spokesperson Guido Tonelli. “By deploying the full potential of the detector we are producing unambiguous signatures of this new state of matter and unravelling many of its properties.”

My thoughts as I read this news release:

The research examining the fundamental building blocks of the universe at the time of its creation might help us to understand why, in energy healing, we strive for higher frequencies and better flow. In energy healing, the theory is that raising one’s (electromagnetic) frequencies will lead to better flowing energy and better overall health—an ideal for which one strives. Also, with higher frequencies, one is better able to access information clairvoyantly.

The fact that fundamental matter, at the beginning of the universe’s creation, “behaves almost like an ideal fluid with minimal viscosity” makes me wonder if it has any relation to our  ideal state in energy healing—the uncongested flow of energy. Are we unconsciously striving for our original state? Guido Tonelli’s statement about “high precision studies of strongly interacting matter at the highest energies ever” gives me hope that some day, maybe sooner than we could ever have imagined, productive collisions will be occurring between the heavy ions of physics and energy healing—and multiple collisions will be producing verifiable, identical results.

(Sure, go ahead and cue that Twillight Zone music again…)


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