NEWS: Integrated Cancer Care in B.C.

Very exciting news! I just received an email from InspireHealth about their government-supported expansion to provide integrated care for all British Columbians living with cancer (see my April 26 post for more about InspireHealth). Their email reads:

We thank you for helping to create a historic change in healthcare in BC 

For many years now, a common vision has united us. We’ve recognized that health is more than the treatment of illness. An optimal healthcare system includes the broader support of health. Together, we’ve recognized the essential role that patients themselves can play in their own health and healing. We know that supporting body, mind, spirit and health is as important as standard cancer treatment. Collectively, we have experienced the benefits of an integrative approach to care -one that values the whole person and the uniqueness of each individual. Together, with supporters such as you, we’ve strived to ensure that patients have access to the best cancer care possible -one that integrates treatment and health.

BC’s Minister of Health, the Hon. Michael de Jong, has announced today that the provincial government is funding the expansion of InspireHealth with the goal of providing access to integrative care for all British Columbians living with cancer -a first in the world!

Let’s ensure they follow through with this integrated approach. This acceptance and approval of integrated care has the potential to be the beginning of change for the future of Canadian health care delivery. Let’s make it so.

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