Dr. Vicki Slater: Leader in the Physics of Healing & Holistic Health Care

Yesterday, I was extremely fortunate to attend Dr. Vicki Slater’s Physics & Spiritual Healing for Healers 2 one-day workshop. I attended Vicki’s Physics & Spiritual Healing for Healers 1 and Level 1 Healing Touch workshops three years ago and absolutely fell in love, not only with her nurturing and unpretentious presence, but with Vicki’s staunch commitment to exploring the physics of energy healing. In fact, when I was initially researching Healing Touch to see if I really wanted to attend the Level 1 workshop, it was Vicki’s research into the physics side of things that was the final deciding factor.

Vicki Slater, Ph.D., RN, CHTI, AHN-BC has a private practice in energy healing and holistic nursing and is a certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor, a Third Degree Reiki Teacher, and a Certified Integrative Hypnotherapist. She is also certified in and has studied many other healing modalities.

Vicki obtained her doctorate in nursing from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 1996 after studying the effects of Healing Touch on chronic malignant post-operative abdominal pain. She was a co-investigator of two studies on the effects of Healing Touch on radiation-induced fatigue, and she has published articles and book chapters on the development of holistic nurses and the physics of energy healing. She is currently the professional consultant to Vanderbilt University (Nashville, Tennessee) College of Nursing’s study on the effects of Healing Touch on radiation-induced fatigue in women with breast cancer.

Over the years, Vicki has also studied with two physicists and several electricians and engineers in her search to discover the scientific phenomena that underlie the experiences of clients and practitioners of energy therapies. An article Vicki co-wrote with a physicist on the role of electromagnetic induction in energy healing is expected to be published this fall in the Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine Journal (by the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine). This peer-reviewed journal is designed to provide guidelines, scientific background, and scientific credibility for subtle-energies applications and to support increased dialogue among clinicians, healers, and the scientific and medical communities.

In Physics & Spiritual Healing for Healers 2, we learn to use the physical concepts of charge, mass and spin in our healing practices, along with new techniques Vicki has developed to help those who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Vicki is in the process of studying the effects of these techniques on women who suffer abuse, retired soldiers and others who suffer from PTSD; she expects the results will take two to three years.

I am looking forward to Vicki’s future workshops, projects and research. She is an innovative and passionate leader in the field of energy medicine, the physics of healing, and holistic health care.

Explore Energy. No Boundaries. No Fear.

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