Inner & Outer Light

In this post, we explore connections between the spectrum of visible light and the use of colours from the light spectrum to represent chakras, theorized to be the energy centres of our electromagnetic body.

Outer Light: The Spectrum of Visible Light

The graphic below represents the electromagnetic spectrum, which includes Visible Light (in the middle). Visible light is the only part of the electromagnetic spectrum that humans can see with an unaided eye.

Visible light ranges from red, the lowest frequency with the longest wavelength, to violet, the highest frequency with the shortest wavelength.

In my January 26 post, “How Our Body Might Collect Information,” it was explained that all chemicals—hence all substances—emit electromagnetic waves that can be described in terms of light frequencies from the visible spectrum. Everything in our environment, including our bodies, emits electromagnetic waves or light frequencies.

Inner Light: Chakras & Colours

Throughout the ages and around the globe, healers and clairvoyants have been able to see coloured light within and around the bodies of people and animals, colours historically attributed to the body’s energetic life force. Are they seeing the totality of the light emitted by all of our body’s chemicals or are they seeing our body’s energy system—or are these in fact one and the same?

Chakras—first mentioned in the Vedas, the oldest written tradition in India—have been referred to as the energy centres of our body. As per Anodea Judith in Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System, the chakras link our earthly and spiritual energies, just like the mythical “rainbow bridges” found in many cultures around the world (italics are from the book):

Chakras are organizing centers for the reception, assimilation, and transmission of life energies. Our chakras, as core centers, form the coordinating network of our complicated mind/body system. (…) As seven vibratory modalities, the chakras form a mythical Rainbow Bridge, a connecting channel linking Heaven and Earth, mind and body, spirit and matter, past and future.”[1]

Each chakra is related to a colour of the light spectrum from the lowest chakra linked to the lowest frequency (red), to the highest chakra linked to the highest frequency (violet), as per the diagram of the major chakras on the right. It should be noted that, although this system is the most universal and the one to which we refer in this post, it is by no means the only colour system for the chakras.

The colours in the graphic on the right represent the optimum colours of fully developed, perfectly balanced major chakras. When viewed clairvoyantly, the colours of the chakras rarely reflect this perfect rainbow spectrum. Anodea Judith mentions in her book that “From my own experience, it is far more common to see many colors in each chakra, twisting in and out of the chakra and forming patterns and images that relate to that person’s life.”[2] This graphic depicts only the the major chakras; it’s thought that every part of our body has a chakra or energy centre.

The colours of the chakras have been described differently in various Indian texts. For instance, in some ancient Tantric texts the first chakra is yellow, the second white, the third red, the fourth smoky, the fifth blue, with the sixth gold and the seventh lustrous beyond color. It’s possible, as has been theorized by some, that as humans evolve, our chakra vibrations also evolve and change frequency, and the colours are becoming more aligned to the colours of the visible light spectrum. This evolution also occurs on the individual level with colours changing as we change, and as we grow and develop.

Psychologically, certain colours also affect us, sometimes in ways that relate to our chakras. Red, which physiologically stimulates the heart and nervous system, is associated with aggressive and initiatory energies—anger, blood, beginnings of things.[3] Red is also the colour of the first chakra, the root, which is associated with the will to survive and to a sense of security.[4]

I’d like to conclude with another quote by Anodea Judith from her book Wheels of Life, because it captures the essence of what we’re exploring:

“If we consider that a large percentage of our information comes to us in visual form, and that visual information is perceived as patterns of color, the subtle changes in frequency exhibited by light must have an enormous affect upon our minds and bodies.”

Our bodies have evolved over millions of years surrounded by light that carries information about the substances from which it is emitted. Perhaps the light found all around us in our environment is nourishing our bodies, minds and spirits with information, and our body’s energy centres are constantly interacting with it.


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