InspireHealth: Integrated Cancer Care

Today, I came across the website for InspireHealth, a Vancouver-based, integrated cancer care centre that offers innovative cancer care programs and research: WOW, I am definitely inspired by their progressive work. As per their website:

Located in Vancouver, InspireHealth is Canada’s foremost integrated cancer care centre, leading the way through research and innovative cancer care programs integrated with conventional cancer treatment. Since 1997, InspireHealth’s medical doctors have helped guide more than 5,500 patients to integrate research-informed natural approaches to health into their cancer treatment and recovery. There is growing evidence that these natural approaches to supporting health and immune system function can significantly decrease the risk of cancer recurrence and increase survival.

They offer many free programs such as their Core Health Classes designed to support healthful lifestyle changes:

  • Healthful nutrition and cooking class
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Shared Learning Groups
  • Relaxation with Music and Imagery

Their internationally recognized LIFE Program presents people diagnosed with cancer with powerful tools to improve their recovery and survival. Over two days, they learn, in a supportive setting, about their body’s innate healing capacity, the latest scientific research in integrative care, and the many ways they can benefit from natural approaches to healing. The LIFE program is lead by medical doctors who have special interest in evidence-based natural approaches to recovery that can be safely integrated with conventional treatments. The two-day LIFE Program costs $445 and $95 for a support person, and InspireHealth provides bursaries for patients without the financial means to pay the fee. The organization is supported in its programs and research by the BC Ministry of Health, corporations and individual donations.

In one of their weekly emails, David Adams, Director of Operations, states (

In terms of our healthcare system, we have reached a point where collectively and individually we can no longer continue with the status quo. (…) For those willing to do things differently this potential crisis is a call for innovation. It is also an opportunity for those leaders who are willing to embrace innovative approaches to excel. More and more, government leaders, corporations, individuals, and communities are seeing the value in an integrated approach to healthcare. (…) We are on “the tipping point” of healthcare change in the province. May we be so bold
to say integrative care is the change.

Bravo to all those at InspireHealth for stepping up to the plate. Hopefully others will follow their impressive lead.

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