Make a Difference by Breathing Thoughts

Since I’ve developed two, simple, good habits in the morning and the evening, I’ve felt a huge difference in my person and in my health. And, their big effect might be due to the type of information that is carried by electromagnetic waves and that is collected and stored by my body.

While lying in bed in the morning and in the evening, I:

  1. release whatever negative energies aren’t serving my highest good, and
  2. send unconditional love throughout my being.

Now, believe me, I’m not a huggie-huggie-lovey-lovey type—far from it. At first, I felt quite foolish even thinking the words “unconditional love” and I still feel weird saying them out loud (so, thankfully, this is a written post!). However, if I’ve come to learn and to accept one thing it’s that unconditional love, that comes without judgement, without criticism and without one iota of negative energy, is one of the most powerful medicines in existence. And, luckily, it’s at anyone’s disposal.

Releasing Unwanted Energies

  • Take a slow, deep breath, and say to yourself, “Whatever isn’t serving my highest good….” and as you exhale, say to yourself, “…is released.” and send the breath throughout your body. Repeat this at least three or four times, but as many times as you need.
  • To add another dimension to this technique, you can do the following: during the exhale, imagine that your breath is pushing whatever needs to be released through your skin. This technique, skin breathing, is used in Chi Kung. Some people find it helpful to imagine their breath blowing a balloon from the inside to the outside of their body.

Unconditional Love

  • Take a slow, deep breath and, while you exhale, send your breath throughout your body while saying to yourself, “Unconditional love throughout my being.” Repeat this at least three or four times, and as many times as you need.
  • Really feel the breath moving through you and the loving energy going into all the particles in your body.
  • To make it easier to visualize, you can give your breath a colour like white, gold, green or sparkles.
  • If you find it difficult to feel compassion and love at that moment, view your breath as an objective, loving third party that is blowing love into you. Oftentimes, it takes at least three or four breaths to start feeling good.

Both of these techniques are also good when you are sick or not feeling well. Focus on releasing unwanted energy from the area in your body that isn’t well (by sending your breath there), then on sending unconditional love to it (again, by sending your breath to that area).

How can this possibly work??

I know many people will wonder: how in the world can this possibly work?? From experience, I know that it’s worked wonders for me and I’d love to hear from others who try it (long-term, over at least one month) to see what they experience. I’ve also been thinking about how it works.

One theory is that sending breath throughout your body helps to relax the body. And when the body is relaxed, it functions more optimally. But, that doesn’t explain why our thoughts/intentions as we breathe (about releasing and unconditional love) might affect the type of results we get.

A thought that occurred to me is based on the physics of electromagnetic waves. As far as we know, our thoughts are just a bunch of chemical reactions. And, as we know from a previous post, each chemical element emits unique light frequencies or electromagnetic radiation/waves, which is basically “information” about that element. Perhaps the chemicals behind our thoughts are emitting waves (or information) that are then carried by our breath throughout our body. In other words, with each breath, all the particles in our breath are doing “the wave.” (That would make a great animated video!)

The particular thought or intention we have as we send the breath determines the type of “information” that is sent to our body via these waves. This might also help to explain why negative thoughts can affect our body’s functioning. It’s all in the waves.

What do you think?

Explore Energy. No Boundaries. No Fear.

Note added February 11, 2011: Energy healing is complementary healthcare and is not meant to replace conventional treatment.

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2 Responses to Make a Difference by Breathing Thoughts

  1. Steven W. Rhodes,RN,RRT,FCN,HTP,CHt says:

    The combination of the physical & mental methods used above are explained well from research done @ HeartMath for Heart Coherence. Best described in the book, ‘The Coherent Heart- Heart–Brain Interactions, Psychophysiological Coherence, and the Emergence of System-Wide Order’, by Rollin McCraty, Ph.D., Mike Atkinson, Dana Tomasino, and Raymond Trevor Bradley, Ph.D.. Enjoyed your blog!

  2. Thanks, Steven! The HeartMath Institute has done valuable research that helps to answer this and many other questions. I highly recommend their site and their books. And thanks… you’ve just given me an idea for another post!

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